Some Information About Us...

Carbon Motion was established in April 2013 by Cambridge based Coach Hayley Ginn...


aving worked with a number of lower limb amputees from complete beginners to Paralympic athletes such as Jonnie Peacock, Hayley recognised that there was a distinctive lack in support for amputees wishing to engage in running from a more ‘recreational’ perspective.

Access to specialist support during, and for the period immediately following rehabilitation is well established in the UK through NHS and Private Clinics.

If you are a potentially talented or you are already able to run well, Sporting Organisations are much more likely to take you on and provide further support…but…what if you are ending your rehabilitation? or you want to learn to run for ‘that bus’ or chase your children/grandchildren around the garden or local park? This is where Carbon Motion comes in.

Working alongside Physiotherapists, Prosthetists and NHS/Private Clinics, Carbon Motion’s mission is simple:

‘To get more lower limb amputees active & running’

In order to achive this Carbon Motion works closely with Physiotherapists, Prosthetists and NHS/Private Clinics across the UK.

• To provide coaching support for lower limb amputees across the UK

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Can Carbon Motion Assist You?

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